I want to be a failure in life. I want you to be one as well.

Stephen Covey once wrote: The deepest need of every human being is the desire to be understood.

This need is greater than our desire to be loved. We can all think of people that love us but do not understand us.

I have spent a long amount of time trying to be loved and understood. I thought if only I could be successful enough, good looking enough, rich enough, wear the right clothes and say the right things and hang out with the right people, then I can get it.


I would see these people outside who were all successful and had it all together. They were rich, they were smart, they were good looking, and they were being in the places I wanted to go to and hanging out with people I wanted to hang out with.

And I felt less. I negated the successes I had. I worked hard and kept spinning my wheels. Until I realized something important:

We are living a lie. We are living the lie of failure. Failure is pretty much dying to get out behind the pretty facade that people put up. Society sculpts you in a way to hide this. Friends, family, fancy-tech-conferences-with-guys-in-blazers-and-cool-shoes are all telling us this lie.

And I hate it. And I’ve had enough.

Failure is the backbone to living an extraordinary life. Failure is the foundation of a satisfying life. Failure is the foundation for us to understand one another. And failure is the key to satisfy that deepest need of all: our desire to be understood.

If we can discover that it’s alright to fail, then we can let go of the tension, the stress, the fear, the facade of living life and actually go on about LIVING LIFE!

That’s what I want to do. I want to change the world by failing. I want to help others fail. And I want to make it ok to fail.

Because I want to be alive. And I know I’m going to need to fail for that to happen.



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