Risk Minimization vs. Gain Maximization

When thinking about stuck places in our life, we often forget to see the big picture. The core hidden assumptions that are guiding us. One of the most prominent hidden assumptions, or methods of living life is a risk minimization strategy.

Now, this is very common from conservative cultures and families. The correct way of life is to minimize all the risk possible. We play it safe with our education choices, our career choices, etc.

On the other hand, there is a gain maximization strategy that might be a better strategy towards progressing in life. Instead of focusing on how one can best avoid losses, if one focuses on how one can get the greatest return, the attitude and mindset change makes a big difference.

Instead of going for the boring stable job, this means taking the risky startup job. It may mean trying a new approach to an old problem.

I am by no means advocating the YOLO idea. That ideology (if it can even be called that) is about reckless abandon towards enjoying life. On the other hand, the ideology of gain maximization comes with deliberate goals and direction in life.

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