“I learned that you don’t have to go live in a cave or be on a yoga mat to practice yoga in everyday life. I felt freer and more grounded to handle the challenges of life, at home, or when it comes to leading my team at a prominent Silicon Valley company. I learned I could thrive without burning out.” – M. Patel

We live in challenging times. Stress, difficult relationships, financial issues, health crisis, and a host of other problems keep us from living our best lives. But what if we could ground ourselves in an unchanging sense of self to give us the strength to lead our lives with energy and enthusiasm even in the face of success and failure?

That’s Yogic Leadership. I’ve spoken all across North America in front of audiences ranging from 10 to 3,500 at a time including in Toronto, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Detroit, Calgary, and Chicago. Invite me today to speak, and check out the video below.

I work with the conference organizer to deliver a customized and relevant conversation. Talks usually go from 20 minutes, but 45 minutes at a minimum is recommended.

Yogic Leadership

What can an ancient tradition dating back thousands of years teach us about how to lead our lives? A lot! Yoga is not just a method of exercise, but a way of life. In this talk, learn about how timeless yoga principles can help us lead ourselves, our families, our organizations, and our communities.

In this talk, we will learn the principles that have guided thinkers and leaders of the world including: Mahatma Gandhi, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Herman Hesse, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Carl Jung, and Henry David Thoreau.

We will learn to ground ourselves and create space within to guide us in the constantly changing world. We will learn about the secret of dealing with resistance, and how to follow through our goals, dreams, and destinies, without getting discouraged by the set backs of life.

Key Takeaways for Audience Members:

  • A greater sense of well-being and control over their lives.
  • A greater sense of freedom in their life challenges.
  • Breaking through resistance in their lives.
  • Inspiration to get on the yoga mat and take a yoga class.
  • Greater awareness and effectiveness at their workplace and at home.
  • Increased capability in dealing with people (even “difficult” ones).
  • Empowerment to deal with stress and burnout.
  • Power to bounce back from “failures.”
  • And more…

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Lifelong Health

The right philosophy, the right knowledge, and the right support equals lasting lifelong health. There is too much misinformation (and disinformation) out there about how to create great health that lasts your entire life.

What if you incorporated the simple lifestyle habits one day at a time of the longest living populations on the earth? What if you included it with up-to-date medical literature? What if you also factored in the best clinically proven strategies to make lasting change? You’d get the framework to create lifelong health!

In my work with New York Times Best-selling author Dr. Michael Greger’s organization NutritionFacts.org, along with extensive interviews and medical literature review, I have found strategies that work.

Key Takeaways for Audience Members:

  • Powerful knowledge to make the right decisions that very day to improve their health.
  • Sharper understanding of the science of lifelong health.
  • A powerful philosophy to implement a lifestyle change!
  • Empowerment to begin a real inquiry into their healths.

“Dhawal is an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable speaker. I thought I was at my physical peak when doctors told me that lowering my cholesterol had to become a real priority for me. Dhawal taught me how to get there and within a month, I had lowered it by more than 40 points without any pills! I feel more energized, love the food I eat, and I’m empowered to make the right changes in my life that I can sustain!” – A. Singh

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