The Burden of Luck

I’ve often gotten disappointed, downright angry, frustrated, and depressed over my failures in life. I would often look to others and ask myself: they’re not that much better than me! How did they do so well? They must have gotten lucky!

And so, I resented the ones that had “luck”. At the same time, I resented my own good fortune. My family, the comforts, the education I had, etc. I resented it because I felt (and still feel sometimes) that I did not deserve it. I was too lucky. I had to work extra hard and punish myself more because I wasn’t doing enough to deserve it. To be worthy of it. And of course when I failed at being worthy, I would look to others and resent them again for being worthy.

And then it hit me: No wonder I’ve been failing. No wonder I’ve been disappointed. I resent my own luck and the luck of others and then cry out when I don’t have luck. When things don’t go my way!

I’m letting go of this limitation to see how my life changes. If this resonates with you, I hope you consider doing the same. To show gratitude, not resentment, pressure, and anger in the face of luck.

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